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puffed snackfood

Cereal Corn Flakes Production Machine

 Cereal Corn Flakes Production Machine
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1. Production Description  


     Snacks machine cornflakes snacks machine breakfast cornflakes machinery. Toasted corn flakes machine can produce breakfast cereal which is one kind of nutritional convenient food which is produced by this process line, using grist as basic material, with different shapes, such as, granule, flake, animal, etc. One outstanding characteristic of the breakfast cereal is that it contains abundant compound carbohydrates and dietary fibre, strengthens lots of microelements, such as vitamin and mineral, and also can be added with cocoa and sugar, like honey and maltose. It can be drunk directly after mixed into coffee, milk, yoghourt or functional drink. Children can eat breakfast cereal as sweet crispy snack.

     Breakfast is cereal grain production line for the production of raw materials, puffing after extrusion molding. Breakfast cereals can be processed into tablets, granules and the like. Breakfast cereals nutritious, easy to use. Breakfast cereal cornflakes cornmeal production line is the main raw material, or in conjunction with other grain raw materials, mixing, drying, cooling, made of crispy sweet crisps. Primarily as a breakfast cornflakes mixed with milk, soy milk, and coffee consumption, but also can be used directly as a snack food consumption.



2. Flow  chart




3 . Equipment Composition  


         MixerScrew conveyorTwin-screw extruder Cooling conveyorAir conveyor 

Flaking machine Air conveyor Three-layer oven Elevator Microwave oven Sifter 

Elevator Roller( melting machine+sugar sprayer+air compressor) Elevator Five-layer oven Cooling conveyor  


 4.Technical Parameters



Model InputVoltage Power consunption Output Dimension
GY56 380V/50Hz 22kw 120-150kg/h 2.5*0.8*1.8m
GY65 380V/50Hz 40kw 180-220kg/h 3.5*1.0*2.0m



5.Sample Photoes            















Our Services



6.our service:


1)   Provide you with the professional advice on the market,equipments,raw materials and production 

line ect.

2)   Assist you to choose the ideal equipment,design the flow and we can offer on-site service.

3)   Make rational plan to the changeover of the material according to your final product, even we can 

perform the process at site.

4)   Specially design the machines,practice test and provide relevant training as you required.

5)   Provide reasonable packing and transportation plan, send technician to install and debug the 





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