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puffed snackfood

puff snack food process line for plant

 puff snack food process line for  plant
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Direct puff snack food process line plant

Product Description



Introduction (application)

Direct puff snack process line uses wheat flour, maize meal and others as the main raw materials, by taking the advantage of pressure difference between inside and outside in a high temperature and high pressure condition to produce a variety of puff snack which is popular in the market, such as globular, rolls, crispy stick, rings etc. By changing moulds and assistant equipments, it can also produce nutritional powder, grain gruel and many other leisure snacks in different shapes. This automatic process line is of leading level for its superior characters, such as, "applied to many materials, convenient operation and maintenance, low power consumption, high output".


Technological Process

Raw Materials Configurations Mixing Conveyance Extrusion Conveyance Drying Flavoring


Equipment Configurations for Production Line

  1. Flour mixer: Different production line capacities lead to different flour mixers.
  2. Spiral Conveyor: Convey stirred raw materials into feeding hopper of extruder.
  3. Extruder: Select different GY dual-screw extruder model based on clients’ raw materials and output capacity requirement.
  4. Drying Oven: Dry semi-finished products. It is the most common dehydration plant for puffed food. It includes a belt dryer and some in-built heating devices to carry out drying by means of electricity, vapor, diesel or gas.
  5. Flavoring line: Select square flavoring machine, single-roller flavoring line or dual-roller flavoring line, based on output and product properties. Single-roller and dual-roller flavoring line combine the functions of flavoring with seasoning and oil injection together.

Characteristics of Production Line

  • The usage of high-low pressure screw extends raw materials range.
  • Multi-purpose machine able to achieve all types of productions required.
    • Advanced frequency conversion technique is adopted to ensure more stable equipment operation and better energy conservation.
    • Screw with nitrided alloy steel benefit for longer screw life
    • Reasonable design, high automaticity and accurate control for extrusion parameter
    • Food-grade stainless steel. Neatness and easy clean 

Technical Parameters:


Output Capacity

Supply Voltage


100 ~ 150 Kg/h



150 ~ 220 Kg/h


150 ~ 260 Kg/h


200 ~ 400 Kg/h


250 ~ 500 Kg/h


400 ~ 1000 Kg/h



Normally 1-2 operators are sufficient for production.








Packaging & Shipping



Our Services




Company Information



Company Introduction:

Jinan Guanyuan Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.(GY Machinery)is the professional manufacturer for advanced and high efficient extrusion food machinery.

GY has an expert team with around 15 years experiences in this extrusion machine industry. We constantly research extrusion technology and explore food process in order to benefit our clients producing better and creative food.


After years of research, GY has more than twenty production lines with different functions and capacities to meet different customer requirements:


1.Direct Puff Snack Food Process Line

2.Breakfast Cereal & Corn Flakes Process Line

3.Core-Filling Snack Food Process Line

4.Pellet Snack Food Process Line

5.3D Pellet Snack Food Process Line

    Pani Puri/ Golgappa Puri/ Golgappa fryum/ fryum

6.Cheetos/Kurkure/ (Nik) Naks/Corn Curls Process Line

7.Triangle Chips/ Doritos/Tortilla Chips Process Line

8.Fried Wheat Flour Snacks/Salad/ Crispy Chips/Bugles/Rice Crust Process Line

9.Pasta Process Line

10.Nutritional / Artificial Rice Process Line

11.Nutritional Powder/Baby Food Process Line

   Modified Starch Process Line

12.Bread Crumb Process Line

13.TVP/TSP/Soya Protein Process Line

14.Pet Food Process Line

15.Mini Burger Patty/Nuggets/Fillet/Steak Process Line

16.Mini Instant Noodle Process Line

17.Instant Noodles Production

18.Mini Biscuit Process Line



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