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best selling Economical stainless steel automatic extrusion Breadcrumbs making

best selling Economical stainless steel automatic extrusion Breadcrumbs making
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Automatic stainless steel  extrusion Breadcrumbs making

Product Description

Bread CrumbsProcessing Line

Description:Bread crumbs is mainly used for fried beefsteak and drumstick as frying dressing. The long and sliver shaped breadcrumbs are of porous structure inside. After frying, the crumbs become straight up bit by bit. They are not only puffed and nice in appearance but also crisp and delicate in taste.Bread crumbs processing line is specially designed and developed according to market demand. The whole line can be finished from the raw materials, extrusion, drying to finished products automatically.

Raw Material:

rice powder, flour

Required Staff:

4--5 persons

Flow Chart:

Mixing — Extrusion — Cutting — Pulverizing — Vibrating

Machines Materials:

All the machines are made by food grade stainless steel.

Technical Parameter :

Model Installed power Power consumption Output Size
GYS65-Ⅲ 94kw 57kw 120-150kg/h 17000x2000x2500mm
GYS70-Ⅱ 110kw 75kw 200-260kg/h 19000x2000x3000mm
GYS85-Ⅱ 150kw 110kw 450-500kg/h 20000x3500x4000mm






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