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keg equipment

keg cleaner

keg cleaner
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This is an automatic keg-cleaning machine. Without opening the keg and the spear, you can cleaning the keg  with water, soda caustic liquor or Hydrogen dioxide water or steam.microbrewery equipment| beer equipment|fermentor|keg equipment.

 Main specification:

operation platform : 1200 x 450mm

height :750mm

outer size : 1200 x 1350 x 1900mm

cyliner max stroke  : 300mm

net weight  : 175kgs

power capacity : 950 kw

working capacity : 120 kegs/h

keg range :  diameter 250--500mm  height 360--550mm


technical parameters:

gas source pressure : 6-8 bar

CO2 source pressure : 4-6 bar

cyliner valve  pressure : 4-5 bar

CO2 valve pressure: 1.5-2 bar

gas valve : 2bar

sterile liquor  water pressure : 2 bar

power voltage : 380/220  50/60 Hz



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