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Jinan Chongqiang China Germany Equipment & Electrics
University Rd. Changqing, Jinan

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Jinan Chongqiang China Germany Equipment & Electrics Co.Ltd,( CQINDUSTRY),is  a manufacturer of beer equipment, pectin equipment, fruit wine and drinks equipment, herbs and plant extraction for food, pharmacentical , and cosmatic industry ., and also technical  provider.   We have two labs for food and drinks, pharmacentical s in Local two universities.  We handle  designing, equipment making, project installation, commission, and technical transfering.   Our technical is based on  Synchronous techncial from German and other countries.  We have joint scentific projects with our  partners world wide.Our equpment are popularized in USA, Canada, Brizil, Chile, Sweden, UK, Belgium, India, Malaysia, Russia union countries, Cabodia;  Our professors team and their students are ready to solve any problem in customer demand.

We have the following techncial for transfering;

1.       alcohol free malt drinks ( beer )  directly fermenting, with super low energy consumption

2.       all kinds of berb wine ( healthy wine)  procession , like Golden wine taste , and can do better to customer demand.

3.       pectin from kinds plant, dietary fibre, starch procession without enviroment pollution

4.       supper herb extraction procession and equipment


In our stock ,  the following second handed equipment for offsale;

 *   5HL   micro beer equpment for sale  at 29000 usd/RMB 186000;

 *    15HL  micro beer plant equipment for sale at  55000USD /   RMB 330000

 *     30hl  /60hl  SMALL BEER PLANT  equipment for sale, (  mild steel fermentor,  anti rust crusted  at  65000 usd /  RMB 390000-


ANY  beer equipment , can be used as fruit wine, wine procession.


We  market micro beer euqipment with capacity starting from 1HL  in normal mode,  price from 15000 usd or RMB 90000.


We are ready to  invest the following factory ,  beer plant, fruit wine factory,  annual output 2000ton ---50kl  ton   in the following mode;


l          30%  of share

l          100% of the share

l          We provide skilled technical, equipment and technician stuff as the support of the cooperation..




86-531—87201142  87379068( FAX)

Qq: 450342435  

SKYPE: henry.zhang364

msn: cqindusg@hotmail.com


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