• Why my beer has less bubble?
  • Why my beer taste so bad?
  • why my beer has less  malt & hop smell?
  • various pharmacenticals know-how
  • why my beer fermented sour?
  • Why my equipent power consumption so higher?
  • main beer brewery equipment photo
  • beer plant procession
  • bar , pub microbrewery procession
  • bar , pub microbrewery procession




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CQINDUSTRY website is recovering!

Frm: CQINDUSG  Overseas Dept.    

Date:  Jan 4,  2010

CQINDUSTRY  website is recovering!
After ten days working, we are trying to save most information from old webfiles.  
If it affects your visit, we are sorry for that. The best we can do is to recover it as soon as possible.


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